Outlook on the 2015-16 Champions League: Groups A-D


With the start of the new season comes the start of European football as well. The Champions League in particular is a highly anticipated competition, simply because it allows so many talented players to compete together. Real Madrid, for example, are a treat to watch just by themselves. But imagine if they play against Bayern or United. The sheer number of world class players on the pitch makes it a joy for the fans.

This season’s Champions League promises to be highly entertaining; the new rules for the pots has seen some interesting draws take place. Let‘s have a look at each individual group:

Group A

Big money clubs Real Madrid and Paris St. Germain are both in Group A, and are the most likely to qualify for the next round. Their opponents in the group are Swedish club Malmo, where Zlatan Ibrahimovic started his career; and Ukranian powerhouse Shakhtar Donetsk. While Malmo are not expected to pose any challenge, Shakhtar have the capability to upset bigger teams, especially at home.

Group B

This group is extremely competitive, thanks to the new pot system. Dutch champions PSV Eindhoven find themselves grouped with German runners-up Wolfsburg and star-studded Manchester United. The fourth team in this group, CSKA Moskva, also has the players to pull off an upset.

It is practically impossible to predict who will progress. Manchester United are generally a safe bet, but have been far from their best over the past couple of seasons and could be handed a few shock defeats. Wolfsburg look strong, and I would pick them over PSV to secure the second qualification spot. This group will probably go right down to the wire, and we may have to wait until Matchday 6 to have any idea of what to expect.

Group C

Spanish side Atletico Madrid and Portuguese champions Benefica are the biggest teams in this group. Atletico have shown what they are capable of in Europe, and Benefica are generally strong in continental competitions as well. Turkish side Galatasaray could prove to be a thorn in their side, however.

The Turks have several quality players in their side, and the likes of Podolski, Grosskreutz and Sneijder could well cause an upset. A couple of seasons ago, they managed to eliminate Juventus in the group stages and it would be foolish to write them off.

The fourth team in the group is FC Astana from Kazakhstan. They will also cause problems, if only because of the massive amount of travel required to get there for away games.

Group D

Another very strong group, it features Italian champions Juventus alongside English club Manchester City. Apart from these two start-studded lineups the group also contains Sevilla, the first team to qualify for the Champions League by winning the Europa; and German side Gladbach, who finished third in the Bundesliga last season.

Juventus is the most likely to qualify; they were runners-up the previous season and are hugely experienced at playing in Europe. Manchester City, for all their big names, have struggled in Europe on a regular basis and are yet to progress beyond the group stages. They will certainly be tested by Sevilla and Gladbach, who are not to be taken lightly at home.

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Benefits of Using Plastic Food Display Over Other Forms of Advertising


From the scientific view point, it is possible to understand the advantages of using plastic food display. Through the display food, a visual representation is delivered easily. In most cases, advertising is ignored by the people. Therefore, advertisers have tried to create a new form of advertising with food replica. Both the study on the psychology and physiology has shown that use of novelty food has an impact on the human mind.

Due to design of the brain, visual imagery is perceived quickly instead of auditory information. Therefore, reading a thing is certainly considered a better option than mere hearing. Photos are given to the children in the younger age to perceive the matter easily. Similar rule has been applied with food props as well.

Making a Profit by Advertising with Japanese Sampuru

Through a psychological study, it has been discovered that the right hand side of the brain is more effective than the other one. The right hemisphere generally controls imagination and non verbal information. Data can be adapted quickly in the process even if it is large in quantity. Decision can be made in a relative easy manner with the prop food. Therefore, it is better to focus on the right hemisphere of human brain with visual images of fake food. Human can be encouraged to purchase the item immediately due to this reason. A move towards to the restaurant can be made without any confusion.

Response from the Customer with Just One Look Through the Display Window

Through the dishes of fake food, essential information about the menu can be obtained quite easily. Passerby can become interested by looking at the display food through the window and obliged to enter the shop. As the information is offered in a 3D format, therefore, it is transmitted through the brain easily. It can be considered as one of the benefits of utilizing plastic food replicas.

It is a form of advertising through which it has become possible to present the dishes in actual size. In this way, it becomes easy to order within a restaurant. Essential time is not wasted ever the menu in the process. By using prop food as the advertising format, an edge over the competitor can be obtained. Unique form of advertising is generally described in due course. The form of advertising has a permanent appeal in the mind of customer.

Plastic food display has a power to lure the customer naturally within the restaurant. Through the fake food dishes, information about the meal can be offered to the customer. It also influences to take immediate action. According to a study, 40% people have come within the restaurant after viewing the advertisement through the display.

In case of simple entrance without any display people may run past the restaurant due to lack of any impression. Through a mere signboard, appetite of a person cannot be increased. Plastic food display offers the representation in real size. Quite an amazing impact is created with these images. Desire for eating food is developed through this effective strategy naturally.